LodestarPro is a professional private business incubator providing an array of integrated services including consultation (CIO/CTO), Technological solutions, apart from its stronghold as a Technology Investor.



As a Technology Investor LodestarPro is investing in companies which have great potential. As an investor we have not only boosted the enterprise to the next level but also became an important mentor in making our partners’ businesses flourish.

In the role of a Value Investor, we invest in companies, not necessarily in Technology, which comes with a promise to shareholders of delivering excellent returns incessantly for years on end.

As a fusion of Technology and Value investing company, Lodestar follows the approach, now recognized universally /widespread as a "Docks of the Door" strategy.

border CTO


As a CIO/CTO LodestarPro performs the following tasks:

Evaluate your business model and find out which processes are most vital to competitiveness, success and profitability.
Improve the productivity of underperforming asset or discard them. Take advantage of resources that are generating cash.
Plan and shift project and asset investments to areas most likely to generate returns and add value.
Analyzing the biggest business opportunities and threats and how it can be tackled.
Provide the roadmap to achieve the organizational goal.
Utilize highly skilled teams, latest tools and methods to implement and achieve the goal in shortest possible time and return of investment.
Protect your investment by performing periodic evaluation to check that the process and technologies are giving expected returns.



As an independent professional organization we get engaged to our Partners/Clients in small scale engagements (for an extended or a limited period) to offer a wide spectrum of assistance in fields like, Website Designing and Development, Testing services, Quality Assurance (QA), etc. thus processing Client benefits, leaving our Client untied to focus on their main line of business.


build operate transfer (BOT)

LodestarPro has been sustainably helping startups who are finding difficulty in realizing their business goals, newbie companies with teething problems, even emerging organizations that are forced to shut down due to ‘in-country’ challenges.

LodestarPro’s BOT model propositions winning alternatives to such recurrent state of affairs. Mostly for big Projects, we entirely Design, Architect, Develop, Test, Scale and then Operate it a fair bit. At the same time we Train, Groom and Hand-Hold client Team for a spell before Transfer.