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1. What is a Start Up?

Ans: A Start Up is a temporary organization designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. A Start Up is searching for answers to the product it will sell, the customer it will serve and the way it will make money from delivering value to its customers.

2. What is an SME?

Ans: To the uninitiated, SMEs are the Small and Medium Enterprises, aka, the Missing Middle, which constitute the largest portion of the employment base, hire the greatest number of new employees, in turn provide the majority of a country’s goods and services. It is an organization independently owned and operated, organized for profit, and not dominant in its field. SMEs generally sell known products to known customers in known local markets.

3. What is the difference between Start Ups and SMEs?

Ans: Simplifying the difference, take a look at the stages of growth and the themes of the stages:

  • Stage 1 - Start-up (1-10 people)
  • Stage 2 - Ramp-up (11-19 people)
  • Stage 3 - Delegation (20-34 people)
  • Stage 4 - Professional (35-57 people)
  • Stage 5 - Integration (58-95 people)
  • Stage 6 - Strategic (96-160 people)
  • Stage 2 - Ramp-up (11-19 people)
  • Stage 7 - Visionary (161-500 people)

Stages 1 and 2 are Start-Up stages whereas SME's will fit between Stages 3-7.

4. Don’t you think SMEs are a risky domain for investors?

Ans: Fat chance! LodestarPro, as an Angel Investor, does not believe in the common perception of SMEs to be 'risky' for traditional loans and have continued micro financing with its sui generis élan thus being instrumental in job creation, on-the-job training, poverty reduction, wealth creation, sustainable economic growth, and stability leaving indelible footprints for other Growth Investors and Angel funders.

5. Why Start Ups usually fail?

Ans: Based on an analysis of a number of Start Up post mortems, the top five reasons for failure are: 1. Lack of Market Need, 2. Running out of Cash, 3. Not the right team, 4. Get out-competed, 5. Poor Marketing.

LodestarPro, as a circumspect, multi-functional, versatile business coach, makes sure that none of the reasons aforesaid impedes the amateur companies from being successful.