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Technology Enabled Growth.

CIO/CTO Consulting Services

Spearheading a major initiative, fill a supplemental or mentor role for a lead IT person, or do strategic planning for venture funding or a troubleshooting scenario.

Assist in the selection of outsourcing partners or enterprise software packages basically anything in which a client feels out of its comfort zone.

Strategize and then get involved with stabilizing operations, so another executive can step in to run the show.


We evaluate your business model and find out which processes are most vital to competitiveness, success and profitability.

Improve the productivity of underperforming asset or discard them. Take advantage of resources that are generating cash.

CPlan and shift project and asset investments to areas most likely to generate returns and add value.

Analyzing the biggest business opportunities and threats and how it can be tackled.

Provide the road map to achieve the organizational goal.

Utilize highly skilled teams, latest tools and methods to implement and achieve the goal in shortest possible time and return of investment.

Protect your investment by performing periodic evaluation to check that the process and technologies are giving expected returns.

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Advantages of CIO/CTO Consultancy for SMEs in Early Phases or Start-Up mode.

  1. Lodestar CXO team has 10 decades of cumulative experience of complex businesses, both well-funded and bootstrapped and they know very well on how the dynamics operate within organizations.
  2. Lodestar CXO team has worked in aggressive and commercial projects which have multiple and short product delivery cycles that are stressful.
  3. Lodestar CTOs are fully hands-on, CTO who can code till date. They have extensive knowledge of production support and operations. They are skilled to understand the business dynamics specific to any industry vertical and coordinate technology aspects accordingly.
  4. A full-time CTO recruited with a limited time / product scope will not be motivated and may probably want to park themselves for a while before they fully indulge or move away. At Lodestar, our company believes that we have a reputation to stand for and will be operational from day one with enough backups required for that position as and when required.
  5. The company, brand, nature of work, technology, technology spend, peer group portfolios and compensation packages and benefits are some of the aspects any top level CXO would look at when wanting to join an organization. This could be a time consuming process for many organizations.
  6. For a full-time CTO it is possible to conceal a short term employee engagement for his future prospecting employments. However, for Lodestar it has to accomplish the deliverables as one of its success Stories and ensure they earn the required credibility.
  7. Lodestar with its “Office of the CIO/CTO” service offering ensures that the office is backed by a team of highly talented individuals from various technical background and domains. With a full-time CTO, you will have to build a team around him and generally at top positions, accessing one’s strengths and deliverables may take up too much of time and money from the management’s perspective.