Our Services

“Excellence Delivered” is our motto and we demonstrate that in all our deliverables.

Best & Creative Services

Lodestar offers custom software development for various small-size organizations and consulting services for startup organizations. We consistently engineer processes and build the required technology tools for our products and partners to ensure that projects are completed within budgeted time and costs, providing the desired levels of quality and accuracy.


Professionally network principle-centered process improvements







Software development

We have a team of experts who will study and understand your business and provide a very intuitive and cost effective solution to achieve your business goal and mark your presence in the market world wide.
Our technical team uses the power, and flexibility of Adobe Photoshop, HTML5, XML, Java, PHP, WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal etc. to provide you with world-class solutions in a very short turn around time.

Our team works on current technologies to build

E-commerce website development, online shopping Website

Website design and Development

Revamp an existing website making it compatible on platforms including mobile


Qa Testing

Our testing team plays a very important and effective role in the development cycle by understanding the user’s requirement and testing the functionality by applying various testing techniques and tools. They add value to the product by contributing usability issues which makes the web app user friendly. The team covers all the aspects of testing to ensure functionality, usability, performance of the end product. We take the responsibility of the quality of the product.

Office of CIO

Spearheading a major initiative, fill a supplemental or mentor role for a lead IT person, or do strategic planning for venture funding or a troubleshooting scenario. Assist in the selection of outsourcing partners or enterprise software packages basically anything in which a client feels out of its comfort zone. Strategize and then get involved with stabilizing operations, so another executive can step in to run the show.


We evaluate your business model and find out which processes are most vital to competitiveness, success and profitability.

Improve the productivity of underperforming asset or discard them. Take advantage of resources that are generating cash.

CPlan and shift project and asset investments to areas most likely to generate returns and add value.

Analyzing the biggest business opportunities and threats and how it can be tackled.

Provide the road map to achieve the organizational goal.

Utilize highly skilled teams, latest tools and methods to implement and achieve the goal in shortest possible time and return of investment.

Protect your investment by performing periodic evaluation to check that the process and technologies are giving expected returns.